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"Before Amanda's final recital I felt I just had to thank you and let you know that Create Dance Center has become such an important and wonderful part of Amanda's life, more than I ever thought possible on that first day of taking a nervous teenager to your company auditions. 
You have all become a second family to her!  She learned so much about dancing - I think she is a better dancer than she ever dreamed of - but in the process learned so much about herself. She learned to work hard for what you want, to work hard for the sake of a team even when you might not love everyone on that team, camaraderie, friendship and I personally think that the most important lesson she learned was to never let someone's opinion of you change your dreams. When she first came to Create and I told you her "story" you said you couldn't believe that no one saw her potential. Well, to be honest, I'm not sure I saw it then either, but I do now! The dancer she has become amazes me every time! The poise and confidence she has shows not only on the stage but in her everyday life. 
Do you know that Create was a real factor in her college choice? Even though she really wanted to go away the one thing, honestly, that she kept saying about staying home was that she could continue at Create. 
Amanda told me recently that you changed her life- and you did. The things she learned at Create go far beyond the dance floor and I hope will stay with her forever!
It's hard to believe I will be watching her last recital tomorrow and I will be sad but happy too because I know its not just an ending but also a beginning. I am so excited for Amanda to start this phase of her life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping Amanda on her way. I hope you realize how much you helped make her the woman she is today! 

Mary Lou"

I just got home from Emily's school variety show. I wanted to thank you both for giving Emily such a love of dance. She was amazing on stage. Several parents came up to me and asked, Where did she learn to dance like that. As I watched her peers perform, several of which were also on company teams, there was no comparison.  It definitely brought tears to my eyes.  I wanted to say Thank You. She was wonderful and I am so proud of her. She as really learned a lot these past  years and I wanted to thank you for giving her the opportunities that you have. You  are such an inspiration to her. One of her goals is to become a dance teacher.....


Kind thoughts,



I want to congratulate you on a wonderful year and a great recital!  You have accomplished so much and manage to give back at the same time.  I am grateful we found your dance school for Summer's first dance experience. 




I truly feel blessed to have such a funny kid!  He made me proud on that stage Saturday and thanks to you for your encouragement and outstanding talent as an educator with an abundance of patience!


Thanks again


Congratulations on an AMAZING show! We were blown away and enjoyed every second of it. So professional and entertaining!!! So proud of our boys!!!



First of all, the recital was wonderful!!  As I have never been to a dance recital I had no idea of what to expect - everyone was awesome!!  The dances and costumes were great - I'm still amazed at how much I enjoyed each routine. As for the boys.....WOW...they were so CUTE!!!  I couldn't believe how well they did and most of all, you could tell that they really had fun and were so proud of themselves.  I could not have been prouder of them as well. Thank YOU for all that you have done to not only prepare them for the recital but for all of the instruction and patience that you have provided throughout the year that has fostered their self esteem and confidence!!  


I truly cannot thank you enough and I am thrilled that they love dance class!!!   


First I want to thank you for a great year!! I thought the recital was great and I really feel like the kids learned so much this year!  You are definitely instilling a love of dance in them and I think it is great.  Create is truly a wonderful second family for these kids - so many great teachers and students, and so many positive influences.  We are really lucky.



Just wanted to thank you for a great recital weekend and year of dance. It was so bittersweet to watch and think that's the last time I'm going to see those routines performed. I loved watching all of the kids and you could see how much they loved it too. I'm so glad we chose Create and they you gave Annette the opportunity to dance for you. I wouldn't want her dancing anywhere else. You and all teachers are are wonderful. Can't wait for next year!!



You put so much heart and soul into Create and I'm forever grateful for your sign out front about "all boy classes". If it wasn't for that sign we may never have stopped in and my kids would've missed out on joining an incredible extended family. You have taught them both so much in just a few short years.  So we thank you for doing all that you've done and all that you continue to do. 


-Lee Anne


The show was awesome!!  We were all very entertained and very impressed by it all.  You are an incredible teacher and have a wonderful studio - I am so happy that this is where Madison is learning dance and so much more!


Thank you,


 I pretty much laugh at something every day, and as an Engineer by trade, I do a lot of thinking, however, like most,  not every day do my emotions draw me to tears of joy or happiness.  You and your work on Firework on this past Sunday afforded myself and many others the opportunity to celebrate your students accomplishments with somewhat less than a dry eye.  Parents sometimes lose focus on the purpose on many things happening around us, this quote has helped me appreciate the finer things and for that I thank you. 


I am a firm believer “your surroundings form the person that you will become”.  In years past, I have been fortunate to have a caring family, coaches and various mentors.  As a parent, I am mindful of the environment I expose my children to.  The Create experience will stay with my daughter for a lifetime.  Not necessary the proper technique of an arabesque, or abilities to perform 1st to 5th position as she can today.  I am confident the meaningful life lessons learned of teamwork, respect, compassion, the ability see the best in others, and  to help others less fortunate will stay with her for a lifetime. By my everyday discussions with my daughter I know this to be true, no more evident than Sunday night, where as she put it, “the best part of the night were the faces and joy the kids had after Firework backstage”.  No talk of Diamond, Ruby or Emerald, just the joy of these kids performing.  As coaches and mentors, we shape the character of children and young adults every day, thanks for providing a consistent foundation and positive environment at Create.


My grandparents immigrated from Greece and bought few things with them.  What they left with me mostly was their wisdom.  While this does not translate so well, let me share this with you.  “ We are all God’s children, it is the Angels that lead us to a better way”.  Keep leading our children, and they will turn out just fine.


Warmest Regards,


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