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New York City native, Samo Soto, started his dance career through humble beginnings, going to school dances and house parties, he just felt a natural talent for the arts. At the age of 16 he started break dancing and after years of dedication to the dance style, Samo has diversified his skill set and is proficient in House dance, Hip-Hop, and is renown for his freestyle in each of these genres. With his raw presence and sharp movement, his bold dance style always leaves a refreshing statement.

With experience in working on major motion films, awards shows, commercials, and live performances; Some of Samo’s notable credits include working with Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Daddy Yankee, had a feature role in “Battle Of The Year 3D”, was a dance consultant on “The Get Down” original Netflix series, as well as being featured as talent throughout the series. Aside from his accomplishments in the commercial industry, he holds numerous titles in the international competition circuit in various countries, being known as one of the best top rock champions of his time, winning Juste Debout 2012 in Paris, France. 

Today, Samo travels the world performing, judging, and teaching the dance styles he has spent numerous years perfecting. He is also now pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an elite choreographer and creative director and has steady training working alongside Rich & Tone for the past couple of years. His ambition to leave a lasting imprint on the world and inspire generations to come is what continues to drive Samo to greatness. 


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