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Brenee Reid has been a dancer  ever since she was 11 years old and had a natural talent for dancing. She spent her middle school and high school year competing on the dance teams at her school. After High school , Brenee dances on the Hofstra University dance team for 2 years. During her time on the dance team , she received two national championship titles in D1 Pom. Brenee has also represented the United States twice. She was on the US National Team in 2016 and Represented the US in Colombia in the Pan American Championship. With those amazing opportunities come Two World Championship titles as well. Brenee has also been a Dance Instructor for the Universal Dance Association for the past five years. With UDA, Brenee travels across  the nation teaching dance camps to a variety of dance teams during the summer. Brenee is so excited to be back at Create for her fourth season

and can’t wait to see you guys in classes soon!

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