The recital is June 13,2021. We always do our best to keep siblings in the same show, but some will ultimately end up with some of their dances split. 

We also aim for students under the age of 6 (with the exception of company members), to perform in only one show.  Older students may perform in multiple shows.

You will receive notification on which show you will receive your 4 tickets to.    All children in the recital will be fully supervised while at the show (so they do not need to be included in your 4 tickets).  If you would like to purchase additional tickets to any of the shows ($20/ticket), we will be doing this by lottery- More Info to Follow.

Recital package fee of $119/student will be applied to accounts after May 15th.   All account balances MUST be cleared in order to participate in the show.  We will be seating in order of arrival.  Ushers will seat you in your pod of 4.  Since audience is extremely limited, all seats are optimal!  Also, everyone receives a digital video download of your child dancing!  Doors will only open 15 min prior to show time.