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  1. Dress Rehearsal will be held at Copiague High School (1100 Dixon Avenue) on Friday, June 21st.  Your child’s class is assigned an approximate time to perform for dress rehearsal- please see dress rehearsal schedule!

  2. The studio will be CLOSED for regular classes on that day, as well as the week of the recital and day of the recital.

  3. Please arrive 10-15 min early, dressed and ready to perform!  We only have the auditorium for a set amount of time so we cannot wait for any students.  Failure to participate in dress rehearsal will lead to expulsion from the show. 

  4. Dress rehearsal should be treated as the actual show.  Hair and make-up must look neat and clean, costumes should be wrinkle free (make sure to take them out of bags to hang up) and altered (if you need to take in straps or hem pants), tights should match everyone else in the class, shoes should be clean (magic eraser works great on ballet shoes) and overall appearance should look stage ready!  This is your child’s only chance to practice in their costume on stage! 

  5. We will be having an IN STUDIO dress rehearsal- to check costumes etc. during your child’s regular week of classes. (Please see in studio rehearsal schedule)

  6. Please make sure that you have all of your child’s pieces to their costumes (gloves, headpieces, etc).  Everything should be LABELED!!! 

  7. You may take pictures and video during dress rehearsal!

  8. This year we will be running the dance just as we would in the show, only 1 time.  Should we need to go back and fix anything, or stop for something technical, we will.

  9. During the show there will be professional audio, lighting and a marley dance floor.  Please note we don’t typically do this for dress rehearsal but this year we will be working with technicians during the rehearsal- so lighting may change, sound may jump around- this is all part of the process.  For the dancers- Dress rehearsal is basically to make sure costumes are ok and spacing is correct!

  10. Dancers with multiple numbers may get dressed back stage in the dressing rooms the day of dress rehearsal.

  11. The company will be selling refreshments during rehearsals to raise money for the competition team. You may choose to purchase food however, you must enjoy it in the lobby.  There is no food or drink allowed in the auditorium at any time! ​​

 *If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the studio: (631)691-5949/

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