The recital is June 22, 2019. We always do our best to keep siblings in the same show, but some will ultimately end up with some of their dances split. 

Students under the age of 6 (with the exception of company members), will only perform in one show.  Students over the age of 7 may perform in both recitals.

You will receive notification on which show we suggest you purchase tickets to.    All children will be fully supervised while at the show.  Buying tickets to both shows is not mandatory, however we do run 2 completely different shows so it would not be the same show 2x!  We also offer a $5 discount on the 2nd show if you buy tickets to both. We also strive to keep the entire recital under 3 hours (from first number through awards with an intermission).  Tickets will go on sale JUNE 1ST at 7:00PM EST. All account balances MUST be cleared in order to purchase tickets.  The cost is $25/ticket (plus servicing charges) and $30 at the door- Cash only.  It is assigned seating.  Anyone who will be sitting in a seat will need a ticket to enter.  Infants that will be sitting in your lap do not need a ticket, only if you need a seat for them.