Mackenzie Strom moved to New York City just two years ago from southeast Michigan. Studying Exercise Science and Dance at Grand Valley State University, Mackenzie was presented with an excellent education as well as countless opportunities at her university. Working with renowned choreographers such as Mike Esperanza, Lara Tinari, Bryn Cohn, and Amy O’Neal, as well as having her choreography chosen to be performed at the American College Dance Association Nationals in Washington D.C. Mackenzie made the move to the big city in hopes of a professional career in dance performance and upon her arrival she not only pursued her appetite for free-lance dance but she was given the opportunity to also work in her other field of study as a personal trainer at Blink Fitness. In Mackenzie’s free time you may find her impulse-buying around the city, taking drop-in classes, enjoying a cup of coffee with friends or perhaps not find her at all because she is traveling to a place far more tropical than New York. Grateful for the opportunities that have come her way, Mackenzie is excited to be in the best city in the world, doing what she loves, living a happy and healthy life.